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BEAUTY, video, WORDS / Monday / July 24th, 2017

The Mna Nam: My Stylish New Way To Save For Pampering


It goes without saying that self-care and pampering can cost a pretty penny. How often do you go and spoil yourself only to feel a little bit broke afterwards?! Or how often do you neglect some of your appointments because you ran out of money? The latter is definitely my downfall, but recently, the coolest accessory known as the Mna Nam landed on my desk and may just be the solution to my little issue! 

Since July is National Savings month here in South Africa, Sanlam and designer, Laduma created the Mna Nam, which offers the concept of fashion-meets-function, comes in two colour ways and can be worn by both men and women. Each Mna Nam comes with a unique QR code which scans into WeChat and syncs with your WeChat wallet, which is of course is powered by Standard Bank but linked with any bank account of your choice. Instead of swiping and spending on the things we often don’t need, the Mna Nam serves as a stylish reminder that you can instead choose to scan and save. You can always withdraw the funds from your WeChat wallet at a later stage and spend that money on something you then really want and need. 

To hear more about how I plan on using the Mna Nam, as well as what I tend to waste money on, check out my video below!

The WeChat wallet works without the Mna Nam too, but wouldn’t you rather want a tech-chic accessory on your wrist? To stand a chance to get your own Mna Nam, fill in the form on and you could be of the first to own this must-have piece.

Otherwise, do you guys have any money-saving tips or ways you save on your self-care? Let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you!