The Tourist

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Ray Ban aviators, t-shirt from Oktoberfest 2012 stall, Parfois watch, Primark denims, American Apparel backpack, River Island boots.

I NEVER do this. I never dress like a tourist when I travel, I never buy souvenir t-shirts. I buy magnets okay? In fact, I have never ever in life bought a fitted crew-neck t-shirt, until this day at Oktoberfest.
You see, I was pulled out to do this trip at the last minute, literally, and as a result, did not get the traditional Drindel dresscode memo. During this annual event, festival-goers don the traditional German Drindel attire, the men in genuine suede jodhpurs and shirts, the women in smocked dresses, blouses and pinafores. I don’t do tourist. I do local. And I felt very left out because it was too late for me to prepare for these fesitivities like a local. Drindel FOMO.

However, I didn’t want to be totally left out either so I had no choice other than to be a tourist. Picked up this baseball tee (which I actually really like by the way), rocked my backpack and draped ze camera around my neck and went into full-on visitor mode.

Next mission: make the moonbag look good…