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Harbour 5 copy

Cape Town is extra beautiful these days. It seems like the real summer weather is finally kicking in and judging by this outfit you can tell I wasn’t really ready for it, but you probably know I try and sneak some lush leather in wherever I can for as long as my body can take the heat!

I’m slowly easing into the new year and my new job, and when I think of the crazy whirlwind my life has been particularly in the last two years it’s still so much to wrap my head around. In some ways a lot of it seems like a dream or long ago, but all it takes is an image, a song or a scent to teleport me to times I can’t believe slipped through my hands so quickly.

I wanted a 9-5 job so I could finally have less chaos and enjoy a sense of grounded calm. I’ve been home for five months and yet it’s like I carry a post-aviation shell-shock syndrome every where, comparing everything I encounter. While so much is exactly the same as I left it, I really can’t look at people or the world in the same way at all ever again. In many ways it has been an awakening, and in many ways, a trauma.  I’m addicted to change and growth even if I can’t keep up, and I find it fascinating when people are able to stay in the same position/circumstances for years at a time.

I’m interested to know… What makes you stay?


Harbour 1 Harbour 2 untitled folder 2 Harbour 6Raybans from Sunglass Hut, Parfois necklace, Esprit Tee, leather waistcoat from Bangkok, Mango Denims, Casio watch, Zara bag, Zara heels.

Shot by Lisa Gabriel



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