THRIFT is here!

I have been gone from here for a just over a week! However, in my defence, it has still been in the name of fashion. As I mentioned in a previous post, Gabbi and I have been hard at work getting our vintage goods out there. Some of the things we’re selling are vintage that is bought and sold as is, while others are garments we have re-worked. Occasionally we get authentic designer goods too, for example, the two pairs of high-waist shorts in the first and last photographs are by Versace and Armani respectively, and we sold them each for R200. Bottom line: our policy is to remain affordable, while still bringing you the best in every sense of the word.

We’ve been sourcing, styling, shooting and editing and are more than happy with the final result! No doubt the first of many. Our first shoot was so much fun and we were blessed with beautiful weather and good karma (really, so many good and unplanned things happened and made our day far easier than it otherwise would have been). We used Aisha from Baked the blog as our model, and I got to work my stuff too as Gabbi was photographer. We worked so well together as a team.

This is just a little preview of what we have so far. To stay in the loop, search for the Thrift Cape Town Facebook profile, and add it as a friend to stay in the loop with prices and what’s new. Order there or email

Hope you guys like it, and have a safe weekend!