So much to see and do in Times Square I couldn’t focus much on being fantastic for a photograph. It’s paradise for someone with ADD. Leonor and I made sure we forced our way in front of the street cam so that we ended up on a huge billboard because, you know, YOLO. We really wanted to find a karaoke bar to sing boy band songs but sadly they were closed on this night. Also it probably would have been a terrible idea as we were in the heart of Broadway and America where people are born singers, and we are, well, South African and Portuguese die-hard Backstreet Boys fans (ie: should probably stick to being groupies).

Following our time in NY we jetted off to Athens for a few days. She’s obsessed with history and I have a deep love for Greek amphitheatres, the Parthenon and Hellinistic sculpture. I went into full on Tourist Mode with backpack, shorts, sneakers and lots of sunblock. The weather was initially a dream and then post-Parthenon it turned into a ridiculous thunderstorm which we were told would continue for days. Disappointed, we packed up and came back to our sandpit home a day early. So many photo ops, far too few pictures.

I think I’m kind of cursed with Europe this Summer, no matter where I go the rain follows me while everyone else is being blessed with dreamy clear skies in their trips. My next post? Stormy Stockholm!



 NuEra NY flat peak, necklace from Khan Market (New Delhi), Young & Lazy crop tee, Topshop dress, Isabel Marant sneakers, Country Road bag



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