Topshop Launch Outfit

H&M earcuff, coat from a boutique in Milan, mesh royal blue top from Guangzhou clothing market, Topshop Moto jeans, Pierre Cardin vintage clutch, mesh bracelets by Amber Jones for Mr Price, Lord Ganesh elephant cuff from Khan Market in Delhi, teal ring was a gift from Zorah, cat ring from Chatuchak market in Bangkok, Zara suede platforms from Doha.

Last week I attended the Topshop Media Launch Preview with my darling Aisha (just like old times). It was the first time in nearly a year that I was able to attend something like that, so I was ridiculously excited to wear some of my new overseas threads that I don’t really get to venture out in in Doha.

These Moto jeans were the only Topshop piece I brought with me to Cape Town, so I really wanted to wear them to the launch. I’m not just saying this, but right now they really are my favourite pair of jeans! I’m wearing them in my last look post too… and pretty much every other day. I remember a few months back I was in Bangladesh and it was pretty chilly, I forgot to pack in my PJ’s and slept all too comfortably in these babies! I’ve had them for about eight months now and despite how often I wear them, my constantly fluctuating weight loss/gain and the fact that they’re stretch, they haven’t lost their shape or quality at all. Furthermore, I have pretty wide-set hips so when I find jeans that fit well on my hips, the butt section is usually saggy and ill-fitting, or when it fits my butt I get some serious muffin-top. And don’t get me started on how soft they are…

¬†Years back I worked in three different and very reputable denim stores with some really high end brands, causing me to be really fussy with jeans and their quality, so you can trust me when I say I really do know what I’m talking about!

Will be posting on the actual event too, it was too much fun schmoozing and catching up with the fash pack, great to see all the old faces, and trying to remember all the new ones. My memory will be the death of me.