touching base

So I know I said this before, but I have really neglected my blog. Just when I was getting so into posting regularly, I fell off the wagon again. I find blogging and going to gym are quite similar in the sense that once you’re on a roll, you can’t stop and see results fast, but when you stop because something else occupies your time, it’s hard to get going again. Since Gabbi and I have begun with Thrift it is SO hard to blog or go to gym for that matter, and then still do everything else that constitutes having a life! We are however truly falling in love with what we are doing. It doesn’t feel like work. It really fills our week to have Thrift’s need’s met: one day for sourcing (or “treasure hunting” as we like to call it), a day to edit and re-work some garments, another day to meet and discuss how we are going to shoot it, style it and where, then the actual shooting and styling happens, followed by the long selection/editing processes, and then eventually then upload the pictures you find online. And between all of that, there are customers wanting to meet up with us to buy stock. And because we don’t have a store, we have to arrange a time to meet with them somewhere in between all the beautiful chaos. Gab and I have become like parents nurturing and cooing over our beloved newborn, but simultaneously we are like business women, annoyingly attached to our BlackBerries, discussing things in the times we are apart, sending/receiving emails, updating our Facebook and Twitter pages and responding to the frequent client enquiries that come through at every time of the day and night.

Three weeks ago, we were just two kids both in university purgatory with a simple little business idea that seemed to fit in with our life. We still can’t believe the hype that has been created and the amount of stock we have sold in such a short space of time, when we ourselves are just about coming to terms with it. The best part for me though has been the learning process I have gone through in such a short space of time. Gabbi, a far more experienced photographer has taught me so much in terms of shooting on location and the editing process. My mother is teaching me things about sewing. Furthermore working as a team, managing finances and being able to let the most breath-taking garments be put up for adoption will be worthwhile growing pains in the long run. To top it all off, i get to practice my photography and/or play model, and the results of that are showing.

Ok. I’m being the annoying mother gushing about her new born again. So let me shut up now, and instead proceed to show you some baby pictures :)


First five photographs of Aqeelah Harron by Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Last two photographs of Phelora Elle (@ Y Models) by Aqeelah Harron