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Hello everyone! So you may have seen these images and this story I recently shot with my friend, Alyssa, in collaboration with A Fashion Friend and Old Khaki. We basically got to dress matchy-matchy and do a cute little shoot and interview, which you can view here.

You may recognise Alyssa from my posts over the years, or every second campaign out there because my girl is one of the best models in the biz! I love our friendship story – I was the make-up artist on set and she was the model, and we clicked instantly from the get go. We both acknowledged our funny instant connection and couldn’t get why until the infamous “what’s your star sign?” question arose. The conversation then went:

“I’m Libra”

“Omg me too!”

“No way, when’s your birthday?”

“18 October”


We’ve been friendsĀ ever since and it’s been so cool growing together and supporting one another in our respective paths. I really love that we are two women who can do that for one another. I’ve had and still have experiences with other women where that just doesn’t happen and it’s sad. I mean yeah, I could feel jealous and insecure about her smoking hot bod and the fact that she owns an exotic monkey (who came with us to source these outfits) but I love that I’m now a grown woman who loves herself enough to tell my friend, “YASSSS get it girl!” from the heart and leave flame emojis on her fab Instagrams. Overall, my friendship with this little button always makes me smile!

Oh yes and fun fact, when I got married on our birthday, her man asked her on that same day to go steady, so we share a birthday and anniversary and it’s all on the same day. How ridiculous are we? I’m obsessed, haha! Follow Ally here, she’s a real class act, and I mean it in the best of ways.


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Photographs by Lisa Gabriel (book her by emailing

All clothing and accessories by Old Khaki.


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