Umpteenth Dinner

Navy scarf from Pick ‘n Pay Clothing, green printed scarf from Saudi, black top/dress (gift), black Gap skinnies, thigh-high boots from e-Bay.

One more sleep til I leave for Doha.

This is what I wore to dinner one night this week. I decided against having a farewell, because it just becomes too hectic, you have to do courtesy invites, and I am honestly the worst host in the world.
Instead I had many little farewells with different friends, and I’ve barely eaten at home in the last two weeks. These last few nights I have simply insisted to stay at home and just be in my own space and eat my mom’s food. I can’t be getting homesick before I’ve even left!

Aisha left on a family vaycay last night, so if you’ve been keeping up with my tweets you will know how sad I was to say goodbye to her for a long time! Seeing her off at the airport was really emotional, but the airport itself gave me the excitement I initially felt at the thought of going to work abroad. I may be a bit absent for the first week or so as I get into the swing of things over there…

To new beginnings :)