Hi hi lovelies!

Lisa and I shot this two months back and the look feels a little outdated for me now, and I finally coloured over this ombre and went back to my natural colour. After having played with lighter shades since the beginning of last year, it feels good to be looking like my old self again! And the straightened locks – when last?!

Otherwise, I’m seen here wearing some of my (current) favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I can’t get enough of a great drop-crotched trouser or denim, and as I’ve often mentioned that I love wearing my jeans wide, I couldn’t resist venturing into the boys’ section at G-Star to get this pair! I received a lot of comments about them on my Instagram, so for those who would like another reminder, they’re men’s “Type C’s”, they’re awesome and you should get them. Not so awesome when my hubby steals them on the reg, but who can blame him?! I softened the boyish look with my chic tailored blazer and a slim fit tee, while my tasseled ankle booties brought in a bit of texture.

What do you think?


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Tee and jeans from G-Star RAW, Studio W blazer, Zara boots

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel


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