I nearly forgot about this last look I shot with Shezan way back! It was part of the little collab I did with her a few months ago, and we’re getting into the swing of shooting together as she’ll be documenting my wedding day. And no, Lisa isn’t “fired”.

On that note, I just read this article about having an “unplugged” wedding, where guests aren’t allowed to take pictures because it gets in the way of the photographer’s essential shots, or the bride and groom catch pictures of their significant other before seeing them in person, because their bored bridal party couldn’t wait to share it online, or they just prefer to be private. I share my fashion-life online, and the occasional omlette dü fromage, but I’m way more private about my personal and family life because I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone to know any of that. I’m even super quiet and quite private on my personal Facebook profile, and I shamelessly remove tags. Anyway. I’m considering an unplugged wedding and then only sharing my official wedding shots with everyone on my site, because in a city and country where everyone knows everyone, and where my fiancé is completely off social media in every sense, the thought of people clicking “share” left, right and centre on such a personal day has me feeling a tad exposed. I definitely want to share both of my super special dresses with you, my bridesmaids (who are a fashion show on their own), as well as my breath-taking venue that will be shot by Shezan. But as for everyone posting on Instagram and Facebook before, I can’t decide how I feel! Part of me wants a hashtag, and the other part thinks that’s ridiculous.

What do you guys think? Do you feel it’s dramatic? Mature? Reading into it too much? Tweet me @SAFashionBreed – the day is drawing closer and I’d love to know your thoughts!


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Basic black polo neck, H&M tunic, MR P track pants, Forever 21 heels, cap from a Harajuku store in Tokyo, Casio watch.

Shezan Photography

MUA: Qaanita Abrahams


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