Hiiiii everyone! Jeez, how is it Wednesday already? I’ve had a busy week so far, and I’m trying to keep on top of it all. But by now you know the drill – I’m overcommitted with a finger in every pie life has to offer. 

Malick and I also filmed our Q&A the other day, we shot it about four times so I think we finally have the footage down, now I just need to give myself a full day to edit – the bane of my existence! I love editing pics but videos are such a drag. I do love when it all comes together in the end though :)


If you’ve seen my social media lately and now this post, you may have noticed I’m living in these jeans from Country Road. They’re so comfy, and even though they’ve softened up nicely they haven’t overstretched – which is my usual pet peeve. Another new favourite is most definitely my first pair of Carvela Luxe flats from Spitz. They’re also so comfy, which for me is a miracle because I can never buy a pair of shoes (except sneakers) that don’t give me blisters on the first wear. Without a doubt I’ll be living in these all summer!


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Zara tee, H&M vest, Country Road jeans, Carvela flats from Spitz, YOURS leather bag, Brett Robson choker.

Photographs by Malick


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