Upper East Side


 It’s been a while since I’ve played “I-Am-A-Local” dress up game in an overly done way in a city. I don’t actually remember the last time, and where better to pretend than the hometown of Broadway itself. While convinced I was Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, Leonor took these pictures of me while we were in Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

 I got this fantastic jumpsuit at the Night Market in Bangkok the previous week, with thumbs up from some beautiful lady boys and for only 400 baht (click here to become a pro at bargaining in Thai), I knew it was a sure winner. I love how it’s so chic yet so Gwen Stefani/rockstar. You can’t see the slanted pockets just below the hip, but they add a relaxed tailored touch, so I can definitely see myself wearing them with some flats too.

 I bought the sandals at Times Square’s Forever 21 the previous night, and I am completely lashed. They are so comfortable it’s unreal. And on the topic of heels let me just mention an epiphany I had while comparing NYC’s sidewalk (not “pavement”, because I’m a fancy expat now) to Cape Town’s. Have you ever tried to be really fabulous in Cape Town in the day, wearing your best heels on the streets and thinking you’re Carrie Bradshaw but your ankles buckle at the gradient? Sidewalks are built like that so the rain can run into the street’s drains. Two thumbs up for effective design, but two knees down as you may struggle to balance. So why in the movies are all the women gracefully trotting for blocks without breaking a sweat or clenching their core? Because New York’s pavements (fine, I’ll say “pavement”) are much wider than the average pavement in Cape Town, so commuters barely feel the gradient. My dream.

On another day in NYC, I took the Marants again for a walk, obviously, because on that particular day I wasn’t an Upper East Sider but rather somewhat swaggy hoodrat. But you’ll have to wait till Monday for that one.



IMG_0767-2 IMG_0774-2

 Prada Baroques at Sunglass Hut, houndstooth jumpsuit from Bangkok’s Night Market, leather waistcoat from a boutique in Bangkok, Woolworths short cardi, Forever 21 shoes, Forever 21 rings, Country Road bag.




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