VLOG: In Joburg with LUX!


I spent 30 hours in Johannesburg with LUX South Africa recently to shoot our social media content for the year and to celebrate the launch of the new Even Tone Soap Bar! There were super glam moments but yeah, I totally turned back into a pumpkin too. It’s always a blast shooting with the LUX team and enjoying their company. I’ll always be honored to work with such an iconic brand and fantastic team!

As for the new Even Tone soap bar, I’ve been using it for almost two months now and it’s AWESOME! My favourite thing about it is the exfoliating bentonite clay granules in the bar that polish your skin. It also has Vitamin B3 which restores skin tone and corrects dullness, while cocoa butter brings added moisture and glow. It really does what it says it’s going to do; other soaps tend to leave your body with that dry, tight feeling afterwards, but I can honestly say Even Tone leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturized. I was usually more of a liquid soap girl – LUX Sheer Twilight has been my go-to for almost three years now – but I think Even Tone is currently winning me over at first place. And at only R14 a bar, I’d say it’s definitely worth it! Click here to shop for yourself.


(My dress is from @tdwemporium on Instagram, Nadia’s dress is by Ryan Keys)


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