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I love pairing an adidas track top with a chunky gold necklace and bowler hat, it makes me feel so very RUN DMC circa 1986. By the way, did you know adidas is always officially spelled with a lower case “a”? I discovered this while writing some recent copy for work that it was how Mr Adi Dassler registered his company name back in 1949.

Moving along,
¬†these pictures were taken last week just before I cut and lightened my hair, and looking at the images I can’t believe how crazy long it was! When my hair stylist asked me when last I had colour in my hair I told her three years ago, but actually it was in 2009 which I only later realised (and can’t believe) was five years back and not in fact three. Another two look posts from now and you’ll get to see the new shade, if you haven’t seen it on my instagram yet. Still loving these American Apparel high-waisted riding pants I bought in the UK two years ago, and cringe at the thought that I once wore these with nothing but a crop top before, regardless of the fact that I was 10kgs lighter at the time. Nowadays, if I’m going to work that ensemble again best believe a kimono of some sort will be covering this here booty. Furthermore I’m kind of obsessed with Lisa’s images in these posts! I’m usually quite an awkward dork in front of the camera (hence the serious faces, fake it til you make it, right?) yet she is so easy to work with and knows just what looks best. Cape Town-based, she is available for bookings here.

I initially typed some super emotional post but then I deleted it because while this is a personal space, and although I am incredibly dramatic I decided to “check myself before I wreck myself” because I don’t feel like regretting it a few years from now and sounding like an irrational dunce, which I undoubtedly have from time to time over the years, with loyal readers still cheering me on regardless (bless you guys).

That being said let’s keep it all on the surface today and wish one another a happy Wednesday?


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 Markham bowler hat, D&G shades from Sunglass Hut, necklace from Delhi, H&M long length top, adidas Originals track top, American Apparel riding pants, Mr Price Flatforms.

All photographs by Lisa Gabriel



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