WATCH: How To Pack Stylishly & Efficiently for Travel

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How to pack stylishly and efficiently for travel was highly requested by so many of you and I’m super happy it’s finally here! Now I know, sometimes you’ll see me rocking a bunch of looks on a trip which is a clear indicator that I overpacked. This video is about beating those odds.

Previously, on trips where Abdul Malick is with me and I know I have some extra muscle/allowance in his baggage if need be, then yes, I’ve packed extra for the sake of content (#realtalk #honestyhour), while on brand trips I can generally go all out because I usually only need clothes for four days. On our recent two week trip to Asia though, I didn’t do that. I followed my own advice here in this video, and it all worked out from both a style and practicality perspective, and it’s easy for you to apply on your next trip too!

I partnered with Delsey Paris on this video for their #WhatMattersIsInside campaign since I’ve been a fan of their luggage since I was a flight attendant! All 8000+ of us crew members used their luggage as part of our uniform because their pieces are known for their durability and 10 year warranty. Even after resigning from the airline in 2013, I used my previous Delsey set for many years and trips, so it’s really awesome to collaborate with them after all these years.

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