Watch: How Well Do You Know Me? Husband Tag with L’Oréal


Hi my loves! So many of you have been asking for me to bring Malick back onto my YouTube channel, and when L’Oréal asked me to show how I use their new Pure Clay masks to turn Clay Time into Play Time, I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Malick and I have been masking since we first started dating and once again we used it as a bonding session in between the classic YouTube ‘How Well Do You Know Me? Challenge’. I laughed SO much while making this video and I hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it!


I’m giving a way one set of each of the masks we used in the video!
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A bit more about the Pure Clay Masks:

The Pure Clay Purity Mask (the green mask) purifies and mattifies the area it is applied to, while the Pure Clay Detox Mask (the grey mask) cleanses and clarifies. Lastly, the orange Glow Mask brightens and exfoliates. You can apply one mask to your entire face, or use the different masks on different parts of your face according to your skin’s needs – an idea I love, since I do the same with primers and foundations.

You can purchase these masks at your nearest Click’s or Dischem for around R150 per tub.




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