WATCH:| What I Pack in my Carry-On Luggage

There’s nothing that will kill your vacay excitement quite like wondering if you’ve packed the right things in the right place, or wondering what you may have forgotten.

As an ex-flight attendant, I can assure you, I’ve got this hand-luggage thing down! And speaking of airlines, in these images and my packing video, I’m using the new special edition Delsey X Air France Envol carry-on bag.  I’ve been a fan of Delsey luggage for almost a decade since it was part of our cabin crew uniform; all 8000+ of us needed ultra durable bags since we’d be in 2-3 different countries every single week. My favourite things about it are the TSA lock and its Securitech zip; both giving me that extra security and peace of mind.

Keep scrolling for my easy-to-follow video taking you through each of my essentials, why it’s important to have each one and a few other nifty tips and tricks to make your packing process easier. I also created a free printable carry-on luggage pre-flight checklist, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting anything again!

Lastly, if you’ve every wondered how I pack my big check-in luggage stylishly and efficiently for a trip, check out this video here. It will make your life super simple, especially if you’re headed on a summer trip anytime soon.

Bon Voyage!


This video and blog post were sponsored by Delsey Luggage. All opinions are my own.






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