We be Millin’

Adidas track top and high tops, Lee Cooper denim mini, Lady Gaga for Zara tee, DIY A-cap from The Lot, leopard scarf from the Indian Fair.

Did a little Biscuit Milling with my brother, Aisha and Yasmina.. Was so happy to bump into Mali from Skattie What Are You Wearing? doing his usual street style snaps.

Aisha and I always do this thing where we meet up and coincidently our outfits are of a similar “vibe”, which is weird because we both tend to have fun with our style in a way where you can’t call us tomboys, girly-girls, boho, indie or plastic. We’re all of those things, we just choose a different one every day, so when this happens it’s pretty weird. This time around we were all about the “swag” (a word I detest, just by the way.) Last time we shot a style segment for ODC, I picked her up and we were both wearing exactly this, and I had to take her home to change so that we didn’t look like dorks on camera.

Anyway. It’s saturday night. I’m about to pick up Yasmina again for some mischief (she’s a truly amazing Bobbi Brown make-up artist who you should book with by calling the Waterfront’s branch). Last week we partied hard and as per my request she did me magical slutty make-up. It was great.