Wedding Bells!

I don’t want to get married any time soon. But I would really really really love to have a wedding [you know you can relate]…
People always tease me for having so many cousins, and these photographs document my eldest cousin Suaad’s October wedding. It was truly perfect, in terms of style and decor, and because it’s going to be a while til I marry, I was living vicariously through her. I’m still waiting for the pictures from her photographer of my ridiculously over-the-top beautiful ensemble, so in the meantime, everyone else will have to do ;) I loved how classic yet different her wedding was… I really can’t think of a better way to describe it. It is a true reflection of her impeccable and fun taste.
I had to grab your attention with a breathtaking photograph:) This was Sue and her new hubby’s entrance at their reception at Stellenbosch Town Hall.
… And now for chronological order
[above and below] Suaad’s husband, Tarique is of Indian descent, so she decided to wear this green “kararrah” for the morning nuptuals.
Getting ready… How amazing is her dress and all its detail?
I loved her headpiece. So different from the tiaras most people use, yet still so classic.
She had a massive retinue of about 24 little girls and boys. The simplicity of the girls dresses and the little boys’ tuxedo/Chuck Taylor combo really allowed them to be kids instead of looking too stiff.
[above] girls have cooties
… now do you see why I want a wedding?
Some of these photographs are by me, others are by the official wedding photographer, Yasser.