Welcome to the New & Improved Fashion Breed

After three months offline and ten years in operation (!), it’s so good to be back and working in a digital space that’s a better reflection of where Fashion Breed’s content is headed.

I wanted more of a website feel rather than the older blog look because I can see this space and digital brand evolving beyond my life experiences some day. I may even hand over the reigns to guest writers, but we’re still a long way away from that because as you well know, writing is my thing.

So what else is different?

Previously fashion blogs featured lengthy OOTD posts that were honestly more self-serving and that’s mostly where it ended, so it’s no wonder they died out.

Going forward this site will be more than a fashion blog; it will be a lifestyle space that won’t only be about personal style guides, but will include wellness, PCOS updates, beauty that’s actually attainable, interior decor, travel tips and more. OOTDs will undoubtedly still find their way on here (like today!) but it won’t be the sole focus the way it once was. This site will play host to content that you will actually read, and articles that aim to make your life easier.

Scrolling down on this site you’ll also find a YouTube and Instagram stream, so basically, this new space serves as the hub for all Fashion Breed content.

As one of the very first bloggers in South Africa, I’m determined to show you the blog is not dead, and if you’re reading this now, best believe I’ll make sure you’ll be back for more really, really soon.

[Outfit Details: leather hat from Istanbul, Woolworths blazer and tee, Levi’s Silvertab jeans, Doc Marten boots from That Shoe Lady]


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