DFS has been so good to me, from promoting my blog to creating a platform to showcase my vintage, to helping me network and creating more occasions for me to dress up :) I hope I (and others) continue to grow alongside this company – it has a great future ahead of it!

They celebrated their 1st birthday this past Saturday in conjunction with the opening of the store Collage in Long Street, Cape Town, a vibrant, colourful, intuitive and aesthetically South African store. The shop’s fittings, raw walls and creative fridge storage for garments are the best parts, all fitting together perfectly. The space just feels good – definitely something you all should check out! I attended with my friend Raya from the Visual Journal, and we had ridiculous laughs as always.

am I weird if I want a fridge like this?

[we revel in being awkward] 
white knit crop top – Lone Folk vintage
high waisted floral wide leg trousers – Lone Folk Vintage
bag – Country Road
Wedges – Prato