Adjustment & Nostalgia


Okay, so let me just say working from home is a whole other ball game, especially when in more than one different field! I thought I had it all planned out; I would post more, work out more, prepare better meals, I would just be better overall, but it feels like there’s way more of a time crunch. On the less glamorous side, I have housework and cooking often glaring at me and waiting to be tended to, along with general errands. Furthermore, aside from so many meetings, I overcommitted by RSVPing “yes” to every single event, thinking “oh, I can totally attend now!”, however, I couldn’t be more wrong! Between getting ready and spending an hour or two at a launch, then being stuck in traffic somewhere, I end up losing half of my day at least, making everything else one crazy rat race.

Day to day life hinders productivity in a way I never would have expected, and between my writing for other clients, styling/doing make-up for shoots, a very busy matric dance make-up season and general wife life, it’s all been a lot to take in. Nonetheless, I’m determined to get some form of routine going to make it work for me. Starting with RSVPing no to most events unfortunately! On the plus side, I’ve managed to incorporate more exercise into my day. I had four solid workouts last week, and the burn feels great!

Do any of you successfully work from home and have any tips on increasing your productivity? Tweet me @SAFashionBreed or leave a comment below!

About my look:

A year ago I was counting down the days until my wedding, which to say the least, was the most incredible day of my life! I totally wish I could do it all again, with the same man of course! Nostalgia aside, I still love the skirt I wore on the morning we got married, and I’ve been dying to wear it again. Then one day recently, while driving home from a client, I stumbled across this beautiful, perfectly-groomed hedge, which I thought would make a fantastic shoot backdrop, but I knew the look had to be a romantic one. Lastly, the Juicy Couture team kindly sent me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, which was basically begging to be a prop. So while I never actually wore this outfit somewhere (but would you be surprised if I did?), it sure made for a fun editorial-style shoot with Lisa! Hope you guys enjoy the duh-rama of it!


DSC_3701 DSC_3692 DSC_3707 DSC_3677 DSC_3713DSC_3725 DSC_3751 DSC_3743Mr Price shirt, skirt made by my mom for my first wedding look, Zara heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch at American Swiss, Pandora bracelet, Ruby Woo lip colour by MAC, 999 nail colour by Dior.

Photography by Lisa Gabriel | email to book her for your blog posts, events, portraits, portfolios and more.



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