Free Bird


You may have seen on my SnapChat and Twitter, it is with a very happy and excited heart that I announce I have turned my back on the corporate world to be, for lack of better words, a girl boss? A freelance everything-doer? In terms of that quarter-life-crisis that begs the question, “what am I doing with my life” rather than trying to “find myself” I realised I somewhat already have. And that is someone who has the freedom of being able to work in more than one field at her own time. This is something I’ve been planning for years for the simple reason that if I have kids one day, I’d like to be able to stay home when I need to, while still being able to do things for myself, whatever they may be. This by no means is trying to say I’ve hit the big time in my life goals and that I don’t aspire to go any further, but rather I’m a deepened root, happy to grow from where I am right now.

I haven’t felt this happiness in freedom in years! This fringed dress by Tart totally complemented that.

As a creative, previously I was often embarrassed not to have a set job title, reinforced by the many jokes about people in Cape Town who are the creative type. One of these jokes are about how people put a summary of their CV in their Instagram bios and then claim too have five titles, which are usually self-appointed (e.g.: “art director/model/brand curator/professional lifestyle advisor/closet organiser based in CPT but born in Slovakia”). Then let’s not forget the dreaded, “so, what do you do for a living?” question.

Whether or not those titles are real, and that I can’t give anyone a set explanation (not that I owe anybody one), I’ve come to realise how lucky I am now to be spoilt for choice, having built a solid client base to work as a blog content creator (which in itself is also five jobs in one), a make-up artist, a  freelance writer (thank goodness I’m using my degree) and although it’s been a while, a stylist. It feels wonderful to know I genuinely am earning a consistent living off doing those things, and I’m no longer just winging it. It’s come after years of hard work, tears, venting sessions, falling on my face, putting myself out there, building relationships, learning to ask for what I want, and politely expressing my dissatisfaction when the moment arises. 

The past five and a half years running this site has been surreal for me in so many ways, but mostly in terms of personal growth. It has brought out my best and worst side, made dreams come true, stressed me out, brought out my ego and humbled me all at the same time! It has allowed me to follow wherever my interests have taken me, and shown me I really don’t have to fit into a category in terms of my style, my personality or my career. It has taught me about what inspires me, it has taught me about myself, when I’m being too fussy, what can make me a nagging Negative Nancy and it has taught me to value my worth. But most of all it has allowed me to meet and learn so much from incredible women and some of the biggest brands. Better yet, I’m still learning!

So what’s next on the cards for Fashion Breed? When Telkom fixes my landline, hopefully a lot more posts firstly! However, don’t be surprised if I add another profession or venture to the growing list in my Instagram bio :)


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Vintage leather jacket, dress by Tart, heels by Zara

Photographs by Lisa Gabriel



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