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LONDON, video / Thursday / September 18th, 2014


I’m hardly the avid Youtuber and it’s been some time, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and my London trip was the perfect opportunity, especially because I had Leonor to help me film it and bring the clip to life. I always have fun editing too, although it took a LONG time! I’m also about to wrap up my part-time make-up course with Smudge Make-Up Academy, so I may venture into the realm of beauty tutorials, we’ll see!


LONDON, outfits / Wednesday / September 17th, 2014


pic 3

After a short eighteen hours or so together, I accompanied Leonor to Piccadilly Circus at 7am, where she needed to connect Underground to Heathrow. We usually do this thing where we ignore each other when we know we are about to part, and snapping this outfit post was a great way to pretend the parting sadness wasn’t looming over us. (more…)

EVENTS, LONDON / Monday / September 15th, 2014

Influencer Dinner with Rita Ora & adidas Originals

Photo 03-09-2014 20 38 25 copy

“Welcome to my private little intimate dinner. Everybody that’s here is here for a reason, because you’re either cool, fun special or great… or a little trendsetter. Basically you’re here because you’re the shit. Thank you for coming all the way to my home town to help me celebrate the launch of my collection, adidas Originals by Rita Ora. We’ve got an exciting 26.5 hours of Unstoppable fun lined up for you, so I hope you’re ready!” 

– Rita Ora


LONDON, outfits / Thursday / September 11th, 2014

Notting Hill

IMG_9987 copy

This was the outfit I wore when interviewing Rita, and I love it that little bit more because she said she loved it (yes, I’m going to milk that line, ha!). 

Leonor shot this just after the interview last Wednesday before we went to our respective dinners. One of my best friends (and bridesmaid-to-be), Leonor and I used to live together in Doha, and were reunited in London for a short but sweet 18 hours. I couldn’t stop smiling when she took these pictures, it just really brought me so much happiness seeing her again after nine months. (more…)

LONDON, WORDS / Wednesday / September 10th, 2014

Rita Ora Unstoppable Interview

Photo 03-09-2014 15 19 00

Last week, on a humid Autumn day in London, I prepared for my group interview with Rita Ora about her Unstoppable collaboration with adidas Originals. I was flustered and jittery because I had arrived that morning after a 12 hour, red-eyed flight, and was unable to sleep once I checked in due to excitement. I burnt my new skirt with the iron right before stepping out of my room to head upstairs at our hotel where the interview would be taking place. After some quick, yet precise, burn-disguising safety-pinning, I made my way upstairs to join about five bloggers at what was called our “Round Table with Rita”. (more…)